Axe Cop: President of the World #3: Every Man

Malachi Nicolle once again trumps every other comic book in the world with his mad genius.

Iann Robinsonby Iann Robinson

Axe Cop: President of the World #3

Axe Cop: President Of The World has been one of my favorite books to hit the stands in 2012. Written by eight-year-old Malachai Nicolle and penciled by his thirty-three-year-old brother Ethan, it was the kind of random fun that comics are sorely lacking. No event crap, no deeper meanings and no sublime intent from the author, just pages jam packed with the running consciousness of a little kid’s imagination. I’ve been a long-standing fan of Axe Cop so I expected nothing less than budding genius.

Axe Cop: POTW #3 is the final chapter of an adventure that would be a lot of strong acid to an adult, but to a kid, this is all just a day playing make-believe. Issue 3 opens with a mad scientist experimenting on a normal guy. That isn’t a description of his social background, that’s the character’s name, “Normal Guy." Our mad scientist has taken the DNA of everything that exists on the planet and injected it into Normal Guy, turning him into Every Man, a man with the power of everything.

Meanwhile, Axe Cop and his buddies are trying to protect the world from a Goo Ape, as well as turn the Water Queen good by using Unicorn Magic. Just when all seems to be working out, Every Man gets dropped on Earth and turns into what looks like a giant Dumo Kun doll but, upon closer inspection, is really millions of things stuck together to look this way. Axe Cop decides he doesn’t want to kill Every Man, but rather have him join his team. From there, we get involved with space travel, robot necks and mustaches, aliens, human bombs with knives and the destruction of two planets.

Issue #3 follows the same twisted logic as the first two, but it does follow a logic. What makes these stories so good is the reality Malachai has set up for himself. None of this is weird to just be weird, it all serves the greater purpose of the story but it’s a story from a child’s mind, ergo, it has no filter. Every idea Malachai Nicole has he wants to put into the story and usually does. Even though it gets really out there, it never comes across as unfocused or unbearably random.

Ethan Nicolle’s art is just cool to look at. Everything he pencils, I want a toy of it. Ethan understands the types of stories his brother is writing and really tries to present the art that way. Quiet backgrounds, all the action up front in each panel. Axe Cop has a children’s cartoon vibe to it, but that doesn’t make the art any less impressive. I love Axe Cop and I can’t wait to see what Malachai comes up with next.     


(4 Art, 4 Story)