7 Funny Videos About Internet Explorer

IE Yi Yi! What a browser!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

I remember back in the day, when Internet Explorer was the dominant browser on the market. Man, did I hate that application. It constantly crashed, it was super slow and I think it insulted my mom once somehow. Last year, Microsoft released IE 9, but YouTube comedians are having the same old issues with the new version. Here are 7 funny videos about Internet Explorer:


Internet Explorer 9 Commercial (Honest Version)

I don’t remember The Avengers crashing when I watched it in theaters.


Internet Explorer Error Messages

You’re super frustrated, right? [OK]


Firefox vs. Internet Explorer (Pokemon Battle)

Fainted or crashed? I think the latter.


Hitler Hates Internet Explorer

Hitler addons are the most anti-Semitic addons ever.


The Browser You Loved To Hate

The customer is always insane, right Microsoft?


Internet Explorer Gets Boo’d

Or were they saying “Boo-urns?” Nope, they were booing.



Chrome wasn’t out when this video was made, otherwise it would have punched them all in the face.


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