5 Funny Sketches By Tomm Fondle

Racist Siri, Zuckerberg’s bully and more!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Sure, you can watch comedy, but can you fondle it? That might be the titular goal of AFI students turned Los Angeles comedy group Tom Fondle, who post hilarious videos on YouTube about race, politics and Star Wars – because what else is important in life? Here are 5 funny sketches By Tomm Fondle:


Blacks For Romney

Plus, he can rap.


Racist Siri

Siri, why are you so ignorant? *Bleep Bloop*


George Lucas: The Phantom Bigot

Maybe re-name the series Race Wars?


Bully Stories – Mark Zuckerberg

Oh, and if you don’t give him 1% of gross profits, he’s gonna beat your face some more.


Passion Booty

Shake That Azz – the love song of a generation.


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