5 Funny Fundraisers for October

Give a little get a LOL

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Check out these great kickstarter projects currently trying to raise funds. From Sci-Fi to Slut-Pie, there’s some great stuff that hopes you’ll help it become a reality.

Transolar Galactica: Season II

Goal: $30,000

In the vein of Starship Troopers, Star Trek and Firefly, this second season of one of the web’s coolest comedy Sci-Fi series promises even cooler toys.
Check out this trailer from last season

Grow Up, Tony Phillips

Goal: $75,000

This bitter sweet indie comedy seems like the big winner this month. A John Hughes growing of age style movie that is close to my heart. I don’t know about you but I’d still go trick or treating right now!

Call Girl of Cthulhu


Seroiusly, how could I not include this on the list with a name like that. Epic. Course this one’s already hit it’s funding goal and hit it’s deadline. So don’t worry about dontating to them, but wait for the awesomeness to come out… and eat your face.

Redneck Weddings!

Goal: $10,000

This looks like a reality tv show waiting to happen.

The Slutty Years

Goal: $5,600

Episode one is already up, join the girls as Claire McBright shows her hotty nerdy friends the “ins and outs” of dating.
Check out episode one

Enjoy, fund, laugh.