‘The X-Files’ Creator Prepares New TV Thriller

Chris Carter plots a return to television with “The After.”

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Earlier this week, Georgeville Television set up a potential television series with the creator of “Babylon 5” and the directors of The Matrix. Now, Georgeville has announced that it will also be working with the creator of “The X-Files.”

According to Deadline, Chris Carter has created a new TV project called “The After;” which will be produced by Georgeville and shopped around at next week’s MIPCOM TV market. The exact premise of “The After” hasn’t been revealed, but it reportedly “revolves around a mysterious, unexplained event. In the vein of ‘The X Files’” and combines real world paranoia and fears with science fiction and suspense.

“Chris has woven his mythology magic within a very human, grounded story about the moment when we realize all of our worst fears about the world and its future,” noted Georgeville CEO Marc Rosen in a brief statement.

Carter is best known for creating “The X-Files,” an iconic ‘90s thriller that starred David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson as a pair of FBI agents charged with investigating bizarre and unusual crimes linked to the supernatural and the unknown. 

Carter also created the TV series "Millennium" and "The Lone Gunmen," as well as the TV adaptation of the comic book, "Harsh Realm." Last fall, Carter was also signed to create a television drama called “Unique;” which was ultimately not picked up. 


Photo Credit: WENN