Marvel’s NYCC Exclusives and Frank Cho’s ‘Savage’

Marvel teases us with a secret new Cho series and a bunch of things you can only get at New York Comic-Con.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Marvel's NYCC Avengers

Today, Marvel's tossed us some teasers – one for a new book written and illustrated by Frank Cho, and others or the items you can get exclusively at next week's New York Comic-Con.

First things first – the newsy one. Frank Cho. The teaser was thus:

marvel NOW savage


The first thought is to go right to "Savage She-Hulk," since Cho is renowned for drawing ridiculously voluptuous women, and he's done plenty with Shulkie. Observe:








However, further consideration will note the claw marks, and the brownish color around the letters in "Savage." That puts one more in mind of the Savage Land. Something else Cho has experience with, thanks to Shanna the She-Devil.






Shanna and Ka-Zar


So! Does this mean Frank Cho will be doing a series set in the Savage Land? There's lots of weird stuff that happens there – dinosaurs in the Antarctic and what-not. Oh, and by the way, last time I checked, these guys were chillin' out there, too.



Except that Bruce Banner's old girlfriend Kate Waynesboro absorbed the dying Hiroim's "Oldpower," so the Warbound has some new dynamics to work out. I'd sure love to see more of those folks.


And would you like to see what Marvel's offering exclusively at NYCC? Check the next page, yo. More images to come!



Here are the cool treats Marvel has available at New York Comic-Con 2012.

First, a pair of variant covers for Avengers vs. X-Men #12 that play to the locals.



NYCC X-Men Jets


Figures, the Avengers get the championship team and the X-Men get the perennial losers.


Also, a couple of Avengers movie shirts to see.


Avengers tee


Avengers tee


And finally, the campaign to raise awareness of the Guardians of the Galaxy and their extremely marketable adorable badass anthropomorphic animal character Rocket Raccoon begins, to prepare for their upcoming movie. Here's a fun mug!


Guardians of the Galaxy


Now go to New York and get 'em!