Cinemax Renews ‘Strike Back’ For Third Season

The action drama will return in 2013.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Section 20 has booked another trip through Cinemax.

As expected, Cinemax has renewed the action series “Strike Back” for a third season of ten episodes to be released next year “Strike Back” season 3 will film in South Africa and Hungary with returning writers Simon Burke (“Persuasion”), James Dormer (“MI-5”) and Richard Zajdlic (“EastEnders”) as well as director Michael Bassett (Silent Hill: Revelation 3D).

The original incarnation of “Strike Back” aired on the British network Sky before Cinemax came on board as a producer for the American incarnation of the series that introduced Philip Winchester as Sgt. Michael Stonebridge and Sullivan Stapleton as Sgt. Damien Scott. “Strike Back” follows Scott and Stonebridge on their missions for Section 20, a secretive British paramilitary unit that hunts down terrorist threats across the globe.

Rhona Mitra joined “Strike Back” in the current season as Major Rachel Dalton, the new commanding officer of Section 20 as they take on Conrad Knox (Charles Dance), a billionaire with a private army who has obtained nuclear weapons.

Perhaps hinting at a few fatalities to come, Cinemax and Sky declined to confirm which cast members will return for the next season of “Strike Back.” But the series will likely come back to Cinemax in late summer 2013.

In the meantime, Cinemax is doubling down on action, as “Hunted” kicks off a week after the “Strike Back” finale on Friday, October 19. And in January, Alan Ball (“True Blood”) will bring his new action series, “Banshee” to Cinemax as well.