Dead Space 3 Features Fan-Made HUN-E1 Badger

With fire and steel.

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

Honey Badger Doesn't Care

The folks at EA held a contest for fans to create a brand new weapon to be used in Dead Space 3. That contest has closed, and a winner has been announced. Dead Space 3 will include the HUN-E1 Badger, as created by Caleb Mendoza.

Here's how Mendoza describes the weapon:

"Getting in close quarters with the HUN-E1 Badger will cost an arm and a leg, literally. The HUN-E1 Badger is capable of shooting flaming rivets at all unfortunate to be in front of it. If anything is brave or stupid enough to get within arm's reach of the HUN-E1 Badger it will get cut down to size."

And here's the trailer that shows it in action:

In case you've never used this wonderful thing called "the internet" before, the HUN-E1 Badger is a reference to a video that went viral some time ago. See, in this video, the Honey Badger is a total badass. Enjoy.

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