NBC’s ‘Mockingbird Lane’ Isn’t Quite Dead

Bryan Fuller denies a report stating that “The Munsters” reboot won’t go forward.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Yesterday, a report on Deadline indicated that NBC’s “Mockingbird Lane” would not be going forward in part because of the difficulty of transforming the classic sitcom “The Munsters” into a dramatic comedy about “a family of “monsters.”

However, “Mockingbird Lane” executive producer and screenwriter, Bryan Fuller has taken to Twitter with his response to the story.

“NBC just informed me the Deadline article regarding #MockingbirdLane was Dead Wrong. Stay tuned for updates!”

In the “Mockingbird Lane” pilot, Jerry O'Connell starred as Herman Munster, the patriarch of the family, with Portia de Rossi as Herman’s wife, Lily; Mason Cook as their son, Eddie; Charity Wakefield as their “normal” cousin, Marilyn and Eddie Izzard as Grandpa.

Fuller previously described his take on “Mockingbird Lane” as “an 'American Horror Story' that the whole family can watch… There’s some great stories going forward in the series. Any story you can tell on 'Parenthood' we can run through a Universal monster prism and tell it in a very twisted, off-kilter way. What I love about the pilot story is it’s about a family who loves each other… they just happen to be monsters. And, unlike in the original, we’re going to see our monsters do monstrous things."

X-Men director Bryan Singer directed the pilot episode, which was previewed at last summer’s San Diego Comic-Con International. If “Mockingbird Lane” does go forward at NBC, it would give Fuller his second show on the network after his upcoming “Hannibal” TV series.

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