Tebow Time In New York?

Why it may be time for the Jets to switch quarterbacks after a horrific day for Mark Sanchez.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

By trading for Tim Tebow this past summer, the New York Jets backed themselves and starting quarterback Mark Sanchez into a corner. They would have to be successful early or there would be hell to pay. After an embarrassing 34-0 loss to the San Francisco 49ers this past Sunday, a loss where Sanchez barely eclipsed the century mark in passing yards, it's safe to say that the worse case scenario for Sanchez and the Jets is upon them. It's Tebow time.

Ok, it may not officially be Tebow time according to head coach Rex Ryan, who insists that Sanchez is still the right fit to lead the Jets. But this dismal start has the media and fans clamoring for the man who saved the Denver Broncos season a year ago. With each poor performance, this tide of voices will only get louder.

Tebow himself refuses to add fuel to the fire, steadfastly standing behind Sanchez and the Jets, accepting any role the team gives him.

“I just want to do the best I can with whatever role that they give me, and provide enthusiasm and energy every time I get the opportunity,” he said. “But also from the sidelines, or wherever I am, just be a good teammate and just encourage the guys and whenever I get the opportunity, just take advantage of them.”

Always the consummate teammate, Tebow has to know that his shot at leading the Jets is just right around the corner. With the Houston Texans and New England Patriots coming up within the next three weeks, that corner may be a lot sooner than later.

Until Sanchez turns his play around, expect the chants and calls for Tebow to become the starter to grow by leaps and bounds as his nation of supporters rush to his aid in a way that Sanchez could only dream of. And if you are a Jets fan, make sure you thank everyone responsible for putting your team in this predicament. Because without that Tebow trade, this whole story would be a entirely different.

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Photo Credit: Doug Murray/Icon SMI