Production Begins On “Panic Button” on SPACE

New reality show makes participants face their worst fears.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

A new original series, debuting next year, has begun production – the reality show "Panic Button" on SPACE looks at how contestants deal with confronting their worst fears head on.

The innovative new format has been developed by Kevin Healey (known for his work on "Destination Fear," "Scare Tactics," and "Betty White's Off Their Rockers") and Jonathan Dueck (of "Destination Fear" and "Pawnathon"). They are currently filming in Toronto and will wrap things up mid-October. Ten episodes in total have been ordered, and they will air in 2013 on the network.

The show is an exciting series where a group of participants become brave subjects in an elaborate and daunting maze. Each week, six people are confronted by the thing that terrifies them most, such as being in closed spaces, fear of the unknown, snakes, spiders, or germs. The "Panic Button" maze presents them with four ever-escalating and ever-changing levels of fear. Only the most courageous will get to the end without hitting their panic button.

“The 'Panic Button' arena is a multi-phased, ever-changing labyrinth of fear that is customized for each person,” said series co-creator and executive producer Kevin Healey in an official press release. “'Panic Button' is different from every other reality show because it’s not a contest against other people – subjects are playing only against themselves.”

Corrie Coe, Senior Vice-President of Independent Production at Bell Media, added, “'Panic Button' is both gripping and frightening. As the participants work their way through increasingly scary and eerie situations, the audience experiences the fear and bravery of the participants through their eyes.”

The new show is being produced by 11 Television Canada in association with Bell Media.