The Best Looper Spoofs

Get in the loop of these great spoofs.

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

 Looper has been getting rave reviews from around the internet, so it’s no wonder people have traveled back in time to create these videos. Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a younger version of Bruce Willis, I can only hold my breath until he becomes the next John McClane.


Blooper (blonde looper)

Your future self is probably a jerk!


Looper: Baldness Anxiety

This one stars Sean Conroy, who use to be my neighbor. So that makes it awesome! Seriously this is one of the best of the bunch.



well played ‪YuuungKeL.


Trailer SPOOF

pretty sure these are the exact special effects from the movie.



I knew this movie was gonna be sh*tty, but this is ridiculous.


Disney's Looper (1994 Trailer)

We traveled back in time to remake the best movie from this weekend.


Looper Girl

Lopping is a dog gone good time, unless you’re the dog.


Super Loopers

Mash Ups abound! I can’t pull this video over any further!