Pats Prove Prowess Over Bills, Belicheck Still Genius

Why the rumors of the New England Patriot's demise were greatly exaggerated.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

After being down by 14 points in the third quarter against AFC East rival Buffalo,Tom Brady led his offense on six consecutive drives that led to touchdowns. New England beat down the Bills with the final score 52-28.

The Patriots have been a particularly hot topic amongst the sports media over the past week after a two-week losing streak that began with a two point loss to the surprising Arizona Cardinals, followed by a one point loss in a shootout versus the Baltimore Ravens. The Pats also lost coveted offensive weapon tight end Aaron Hernandez to an ankle injury in the loss to Arizona.

The obvious questions followed after two consecutive losses by the mighty Patriots – why isn't the offense getting the job done? Is Rob Gronkowski less effective in the passing game without his counter part Hernandez? Are they really gonna dump Wes Welker? Are they just not as good as they once were?

Pats head coach Bill Belichick and his well oiled offense looks to have made the proper adjustments to achieve dominance. They silenced all the critics with a 45 point second half performance on Sunday. It all started with something sometimes seemingly foreign in the Pats' offense – the run.

"We just played and executed better, it's no magic." Belichick said after the game. "The Hoodie" is right. It wasn't magic. It was the key to what Belichick's most powerful weapon has always been; evolution. The ability to assess weakness and correct the mistake with a new link in the DNA chain.

For Pats fans the brightest strands of the day came in the form of a delightful surprise from two virtually unknown running backs. Undrafted rookie Brandon Bolden had 137 yards and a score on sixteen carries. Bolden also averaged a whopping 8 yards per carry. Second year back Stevan Ridley continued his strong sophomore campaign as he scored 2 TDs to go along with 106 yards. The unsuspecting Bills scratched their heads while asking themselves "Where did these guys come from?"

When asked about the Patriots running attack Bills DE Mario Williams chimed in after the game with this gem "When you have two guys rushing for 100 yards, something's up." Duh, Mario.

The devastating effect of the run game against the Bills opened the floodgates to New England's deadly air attack. Rob Gronkowski caught five passes for 104 yards including 1 TD. Wes Welker registered 129 yards with nine receptions. Tom Brady terrorized the Bills secondary as he went 22-36 for 340 yards to go with three TD passes. Further proof that there was no stopping the offense came in a rare play for Brady when he sprinted into the end zone for a running score.

The juggernauts have awoken once again as Belichick continues to design his team's path to the Superbowl.

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