Skyrim Videos Spoofs

Watch this video list, before you take an arrow to the knee

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

 Skyrim has encouraged hundreds of thousands of people to take up swords and protect their knees. We gathered up a list of epic skyrim mashups, parodies, songs and reality tv style spoofs. Enjoy dragonborn.

Christopher Walkenthrough: Skyrim

First for those of you not familiar with Skyrim, let’s get you familiarized with the world with this epic tutorial… or Christopher Walkenthrough!


Super Skyrim Bros.

It’s a-me Throthgar


COPS: Skyrim

I heard someone took and arrow to the knee, so we came here to check it out.


Peter Hollens & Lindsey Stirling

This may not be comedy, but it’s epicness is worthy of inclusion, and Lindsey sterling is as hot as she is talented.


Cribs: Skyrim Mansion

Yet another docu-show Skyrim mash up, as we take an MTC style walk around a mansion in Skyrim. Thanks Throthgar, for letting us in your crib, yo.

Did somebody say Skyrim bikini Contest? Throthgar is back doing what he does, being a dragonborn hero and talking with his mouth.

Skyrim Epic Rap – Dan Bull

Time for an epic skrim Rap break down.


How Skyrim Should Have Ended

And pretty much how this list should end.