Street Fighter: The Later Years

The fight is back. Now that's Cap-Comedy!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

 Back before College Humor made funny videos, they made this epic Street Fighter web series that takes place years after the fighters have given up the quest and settled down for crappy lives and blue collar jobs.

You too can Learn Hadouken! The later years continue in part two, as the boys are back in town to get some fist pounding down.

Sent on a mission to find Vega and basicly anyone else.

Finally what you’ve been waiting for, the boys visit kick punching, short skirt wearing flippity flip girl. Chun Li!

In part five the gang has the best intro ala that 70’s show. Finally everything kicks in to action… except for Balrog, he doesn’t do that.

As the tournament approached the can Ken find his Hadouken again? Or will he just be green with envy for Blanca.

Now with two Ryu’s and the tournament on the fast track, the gang prepares for war, but who is this mystery Ryu?

and with that, the battle begins!

First up, Chun Li takes on her own boyfriend Blanca?! This battle of the sexes is about to get domestic violence good!Hadouken, more like Hadousuckit!

This street fight turns in to a food fight, Vega saves the day and Ken probably almost makes out with a dead Chun Li… almost. Now that’s dramatical!