Barry Sonnenfeld to Direct the Lore Movie

The director of Men in Black is in talks to adapt an T.P. Louise and Ashley Wood comic book series (that has nothing to do with Star Trek).

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani


Barry Sonnenfeld kind of vanished from the film scene in the mid-2000s, focusing mostly on television series after more than a decade of off-kilter, mainstream-ish Hollywood fare like The Addams Family, Men in Black and Get Shorty. Now he's back, and while he might not be better than ever (Men in Black 3 was okay, we guess), he does seem to be inspired to take on increasingly ambitious projects, like an upcoming Grant Morrison-written motion picture about dinosaurs fighting an alien invasion and now Lore, the biography of Data's evil twin brother from "Star Trek: The Next Generation."

Hang on… we're getting reports that it's actually an adaptation of a fantasy comic book seires by T.P. Louise and Ashley Wood. That's pretty good too. 

The comic book, published by IDW, focuses on a world where fantasy creatures used to exist, but were kept at bay by a secret society known as "Shepherds." Now, that society is gone and the monsters are returning ot the world, and ony a "reluctant hero" can save us. That reluctant hero, according to Deadline, would most likely be Dwayne Johnson, a musclebound charmer who seems not so much reluctant as he is fully capable of saving the human race.

CraveOnline will be back with more Lore news after we get back from Omicron Theta.