Harvey Updyke Arrested At Lowe’s

The bizarre Alabama fan that poisoned Auburn's famous Toomer's Corner tree continues to prove he is a lunatic.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

Not only is Harvey Updyke unwelcome in his home state of Alabama by Auburn and Crimson Tide fans alike, it's likely he won't feel welcome in the state of Louisiana now either. The retired Texas state trooper was arrested at a Lowe's in Hammond, La. after arguing and threatening employees over the amount of $40.

As reported by the Hammond Daily Star, Updyke went into the store to return a lawnmower which he claims he paid $150. When the store manager told him he would give $110 in return, Updyke went on a verbal rampage, threatening he "had a bad heart so he would come back and take care of everyone."

Officers said they feared for the safety of Lowe's employees and customers alike, therefore Updyke was booked on a terrorizing charge. He was released via bond the following day according to the paper.

Updyke admitted to poisoning Auburn's famous tree in 2010 after the school's national title run with Cam Newton. Since that time, the over-board fanatic as been admonished by most all fans in the state. Now he's gone from attacking plants to hardware store employees.

Below is Updyke's mugshot from the lawnmower fiasco, along with a clip from the ESPN 30 for 30 Roll Tide/War Eagle, in which displays a portion of the audio from Updyke's admission of the poisoning while on the air with Birmingham, Al. sports talk show host Paul Finebaum. At the end of the clip Updyke denies any accountability for such an act.


Sir Charles Barkley makes an appearance and tells it best when he says, "We have an abundancy of red necks in the state of Alabama who screw it up for the really cool people of Alabama."

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