Horrific ‘Replacement Refs’ Cost Packers Win, Hell Breaks Loose

The NFL Facebook page blows up, Aaron Rodgers is sure to get fined for his post-game statements, and fans erupt [video] in what was the wackiest and most controversially blown call to date.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

Fans are officially calling for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's head.

The replacement referees have been awful, but the calls haven't cost any team a win — until now.

The blown call at the end of the Packers vs. Seahawks game Monday night, in which replay clearly shows M.D. Jennings intercepting the ball, was one of the most bizzare calls I have personally ever seen. Jennings had the ball, but after Seattle receiver Golden Tate came down with partial possession and tried to steal the ball away at the bottom of the pile, one official awarded him a touchdown. The referee standing beside him waived his hands, signaling a touchback — a call that would have given the Packers a win. Even after contradicting calls by refs standing right by each other and by watching instant replay immediately afterwards, the call still stood as a touchdown.

With thousands of comments erupting within minutes of the game, here are screen captures of the some of the best comments on the NFL page after they posted this hilarious, somewhat ironic, unintentional hyperbole right after the play — all of them negative.


Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy opened his post-game press conference by saying he wasn't going to "talk about the referees, so forget it." Only to go a couple minutes later, saying "I've never seen anything like that in all my years of football."

Aaron Rodgers came in soon after, saying "It was awful. Just look at the replay, and then the fact it was reviewed… it was awful. That's all I'm gonna say about that."

Even after the NFL recently started meeting with the old full-time referees to try to work out a deal, ESPN business analyst Andrew Brandt told SportsCenter Monday night that he doesn't believe this game is the tipping point for the change needed to bring back the old refs. Other commentators have stated that this has to be the point at which Roger Goodell gives in. I say if this isn't the atom bomb that breaks the camel's back I don't know what is…. a blown call that affects the Super Bowl maybe? What will it take?

Here is the reaction from the Buffalo Wild Wings in Burbank, Ca. after the referees announced the final decision on the play, giving the Seahawks the winning score, even after watching instant replay.

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