3 Glorious Minutes of Okami HD

Straight from the Tokyo Game Show.

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

Okami HD

I have fallen in love with Okami twice in my lifetime. I fell for it when it launched on the PlayStation 2, and I fell for it again when it hit the Wii with motion control.

Okami is a special title with a great storyline, strong gameplay and an outstanding set of visuals. Even back on the PlayStation 2 there was a level of unbelievable artistic vision at work in Okami. The game's colors, strokes and take on characters were all stunning.

That explains, then, why I think I'll be falling in love with Okami once more in the near future. The title is set to launch in HD fashion on the PlayStation Network for the PS3 on October 30th of this year. It will sell for $19.99.

The remaster sports HD visuals (of course), trophies and Move support. Though, I'll say that the game is better with a standard controller.

And, here it is, the 3 minute long trailer that Capcom brought to the Tokyo Game Show over this past weekend. Turn HD on, sit back and remember how awesome Okami was the first time you played it.