Mark of the Ninja Slinks to Steam

Release date and price announced.

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

Mark of the Ninja

We here at Crave loved Klei's newest 2D affair called Mark of the Ninja. In fact, we slapped it with a 9 in a recent review. This puzzle-based, stealth, ninja game celebrates difficulty, planning, thinking and old school fun. It's an inventive little title in an aging genre that every gamer should, brace yourself, take a stab at.

I had to. It was right there, ripe for the picking.

Starting next month, Mark of the Ninja will be available to PC gamers on the Steam platform. In speaking with Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Klei's Nels Anderson revealed that the game will launch for Steam on October 16th. It will sell for $14.99.

Anderson explained that, because he's a PC gamer himself, Mark of the Ninja will be a whole and proper game that stands on its own two feet. This won't just be a shoddy port, folks. It will actually be built with PC rigs and controls in mind.

Pick the game up. Really.