Podcast Review: Better Off Undead!

This week we review the podcast that covers all things undead!

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

If you’re reading this, your drive to work just got a hell of a lot better.

In our search for new podcasts to review every week on CRAVE, we stumbled unto one of the coolest ones we’ve heard in a long time: BETTER OFF UNDEAD – your one-stop listening experience for hilarious chat covering all things supernatural in pop culture.

The show features writers, friends, and all around funny guys Johnny B. Durant, Sean Platt, and David Wright (the latter two are scribes of the popular serial Yesterday’s Gone). Each week these fellas take on  discussions diverse as “What Would Happen in a Real Zombie Apocalypse,” “Horror Movies That F*cked Us Up Good,” and “The Scariest Sh*t We’ve Ever Seen.” Devotees of such shows as True Blood and The Walking Dead will be in heaven. If their first eight episodes are any indicator, thier show will rise in the ranks in no time. Get in the ground floor, people. 

Not convinced yet? Have a listen:

Bottom Line: If you’re a fan of Walking Dead, True Blood, or horror flicks in general there is no question — you must subscribe and listen to the podcast, immediately. This podcast makes itself an immediate stand out for it’s humor, flow, and great host chemistry. Accept no substitute.

Rating: SUSCRIBE before it’s too late!

To check out the website and subscribe on iTunes by clicking here.