7 Gritty Versions of Mario Bros.

Mario Gone Wild

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Nintendo’s classic Mario series are fun games for all-ages, unless you’re at the age where you want to see more violence and sex in video games. In that case, you’ll have more fun checking out Mario on the internet, where comedians on YouTube have turned the lovable plumber into a realistic bummer. Here are 7 gritty versions of Super Mario:


Mario Goes Berserk

He’s got enough coins that he won’t do jail time.


Real Life Mario Party

You can’t have a party without rope.


Super Modern Mario Bros.

Burn, Goombas, Burn!


Mario’s Horrifying Discovery

Why else would there be so many of them?


Mario Kart: The Movie

Luigi flew too close to the sun, like Icarus. Or is that Kid Icarus?


Mario Goes Down The Wrong Pipe

I don’t remember that level… thank god.


Mario: Game Over

They could just warp whistle out of there…


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