Exclusive ‘Strike Back’ Season 2 Episode 7 Preview Scene

Scott asks Bryant for a big favor as Section 20 adjusts to its new situation.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Before we jump into this week's exclusive preview scene, Cinemax has passed along an exclusive behind-the-scenes featurette in which "Strike Back" stars Sullivan Stapleton and Philip Winchester tell us "How To: Commute by Helicopter."


And in the second featurette, Stapleton shares his apprehension about a risky car stunt from the upcoming episode.



When we last left Section 20, they had recovered the kidnapped scientist, Peter Evans (Paul Freeman) and his family. However, they were too late to prevent the mercenaries loyal to Conrad Knox (Charles Dance) from escaping with the nuclear materials. They were also helpless to prevent Peter's death at the hands of a Mossad agent named Rebecca (Lyne Renée); whom Scott felt deeply connected to. To make matters worse, Knox had his puppets in the South Africa government revoke Section 20's charter to function openly in the country with the cooperation of the local law enforcement.

In an exclusive preview scene from the new episode of "Strike Back," we see that Scott is still haunted by his ordeal with Rebecca as he approaches CIA operative Christy Bryant (Stephanie Vogt), one of his many ex-lovers. But this time, Scott wants a serious favor from Bryant that even she may not be able to give him.



And in the final preview scene from this week's episode, we see that Major Rachel Dalton (Rhona Mitra) has led Section 20 to covertly stay within South Africa as she warns Scott and Stonebridge about the consequences of being caught.

We also learn that the next phase of Knox's plan involves breaking a man named Walter Lutulu (Eamonn Walker) out of a Zimbabwe prison. Lutulu is an opposition political leader with ties to Knox, who may also be a key figure in Knox's attempt to make Africa into a world superpower.


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