“FIFA Soccer 13” Made In Canada

One of the most popular demos right now.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

"FIFA Soccer 13," which is due to come out on September 25th and was made in Canada, is one of the most popular demo downloads right now for EA Sports, with some 1.99 million people downloading the demo in the first three days of its release.

"It's quite a cool thing," said Aaron McHardy to The Canadian Press, a game play producer who hails from Vancouver. "At home everyone knows FIFA, you tell people you're the game play designer for FIFA, you still get a smile. But it's quite breathtaking when you go to somewhere like London around (this) week or the week after and you start to see the signs and the lineups of people overnight waiting to get the game, it really is cool to see what an impact the game has worldwide… Everywhere you go, somebody knows what FIFA (the game) is."

The demo includes five teams and a slew of new features. "FIFA 13 is definitely the closet we have ever come [in creating that ultimate football game] by a country mile," said producer David Rutter to VideoGamer.com. "I've been making games for over 15 years and I've never yet been completely satisfied with what we've done. This one has got some pretty fantastic things in it, and we are extremely happy with it. But I know that within three, four, five months of the game being out, with many millions of people playing it, there will be a massive long list of things we'd want to achieve in the next year."

Photo: www.ea.com