Thanos Confirmed for Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers 2?

The villain's creator, Jim Starlin, claims that Death's boyfriend will menace not one but two upcoming Marvel films.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani


This just in: "Duh."

This summer's runaway blockbuster The Avengers, like most Marvel Studios movies before it, included a big teaser during the closing credits for upcoming Marvel movies. The twist was [SPOILER ALERT for a movie everyone in the world has already seen] that Thanos, the purple intergalactic conqueror, was coming in future films. Presumably, we all figured, in The Avengers 2. It therefore only stood to reason that James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy movie would follow suit, introducing Thanos properly before he made it all the way to Earth, just like Loki in the first Thor movie. It would be weirder if it didn't, what with that movie taking place in space and all.

So it's both reasonable and predictable that word has come forth that Thanos will indeed be "The Big Bad" in both films. The source of the story, first published at Cosmic Book News, is none other than Jim Starlin, who created the character Thanos back Iron Man #55 in February of 1973. Starlin confirmed, but was not directly quoted, that he knows his creation will be used in both The Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers 2. Starlin may not be a big wheel at Marvel Studios, and may only have been alerted due to his status as the villain's creator, but it stands to reason that he wouldn't lie about something like this, nor would he have been told the information if it wasn't true.

Like other comic book movie stories lately, this news isn't really a game changer, but rather something fans could have naturally extrapolated for themselves. Still, nice to hear that Marvel Studios is following understandable storytelling logic. 

CraveOnline will be back with more Thanos news after we assemble the Infinity Watch.