Marvel NOW Point One and Uncanny X-Force

Believe it or don't - aside from a new Point One, Marvel's got two X-Force titles in the hopper.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Marvel NOW Point One

Let's do it again for the first time – here's the cover of Marvel's 2012 Point One, which will likely serve the same purpose as last year's Point One did – set the stage for 2013 by giving short chunks of backstory by a long list of creators to showcase all the new hotness going down. We've seen the teasers already telling us we've got some Nova, Star-Lord, Cable, and Young Avengers stuff to look forward to, but now here's what Marvel sent us today, focusing on Ant-Man.


Marvel NOW Point One


Now that's tying into the Matt Fraction/Mike Allred FF book you may have heard about, but they certainly aren't the only creators involved – meaning more teasers are likely to come. Writers Brian Michael Bendis, Jeph Loeb, Nick Spencer, Kieron Gillen and Dennis Hopeless are also contributing, along with artists Steve McNiven, Ed McGuinness, Luke Ross, Jamie McKelvie and Gabriel Hernandez Walta. The issue will be out on October 17. Start your engines.

Although there's another bit of business the House of Ideas trotted out today, although with no accompanying art besides this logo:



Wait, what? Didn't they already announce Cable and X-Force?  Yes, they did, but now, Sam Humphries of Ultimate Comics and Ron Garney of Wolverine are teaming up for a second (or is it the first, since it's got the same name as the current one?) X-Force title. Apparently, Rick Remender's Uncanny X-Force is popular enough to warrant a second brand extension, although losing Remender himself may make that unsustainable. However, Humphries has plans for Remender's tortured Psylocke.

The synopsis blurb is thus:

After the shocking end to the previous group known as X-Force, the mutant known as Psylocke recruits her own clandestine group of operatives—Storm, Puck and Spiral—for missions so important—and so bloody—no one can know the truth. But when the time traveler known as Bishop returns to the present, he puts this new X-Force in his sights and won’t rest till he finds them. But just why does this former ally of the X-Men now hunt his former teammates? The answer will leave you speechless.


First things first – PUCK gets to join a team that isn't Alpha Flight, and thus maybe has a chance at not getting canceled! Bonus! Secondly – Psylocke, Puck, Storm and Spiral are a team? Spiral?! The crazy quad-armed killer from Mojoworld? What's the deal with Psylocke being the one to continue the "bloody" missions, since she's the one having the moral qualms right now?

“Thanks to a strong tradition of formidable creators, Uncanny X-Force is a book with a unique identity — dark, dirty, morally sticky, edgy, bloody, sexy,” says Humphries. “I wouldn't have it any other way. I feel right at home.”

My initial response to that was to object to the characterization of a book based mostly around the notion of the morality of child killing as 'sexy,' but then I remembered there was a big underwear fight between Fantomex and Mystique recently, and the last issue had her cavorting with Victor Creed again.

So there's going to be two X-Force books come January. Which one will you be picking up? Can either one hold a candle to Remender's epic darkness? Will that be totally confusing?