‘Manimal’ Will Be Remade By Sony Pictures Animation

NBC's 1980s superhero series will get the big screen treatment, despite only lasting eight episodes.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani


"My lord, this is incredible! My head is so huge I have accumulated all the knowledge of all humanity throughout the ages. And yet all I can think about is… why? Why did they cancel 'Manimal?' Whyyyyyy?!"

                 ~ Tom Servo, "Mystery Science Theater 3000"

Alright, I think we're done here, Hollywood. Not only are we out of ideas, we are officially out of remake ideas if this is any indication. Hollywood Reporter now declares that "Manimal" – an NBC superhero series that lasted from all the way from September 30, 1983 to December 17, 1983 – has been picked up by Sony Pictures Animation, the company that brought you The Smurfs. The feature film version of Manimal will be produced by Glen A. Larson, who created the original series (as well as "Battlestar Galactica," "Magnum P.I." and "Knight Rider"), and will be filmed as a combination of live-action and CGI.

The original series of "Manimal" starred Simon McCorkindale (Jaws 3-D) as Dr. Jonathan Chase, who had the ability to shape-shift into any animal, but usually just turned into a hawk or a black panther. Though short-lived, and remember today primarily as a pop culture punchline, the series had some strong talent attached, including visual effects guru Stan Winston and Back to the Future composer Alan Silvestri. "Manimal" was later revived in the 1990s, briefly, in a cameo appearance on the television series "Night Man," based on the Malibu Comics superhero, which lasted a whopping two seasons. (Well, it's whopping compared to "Manimal" anyway.)

"Manimal" apologists often cite the series' scheduling, opposite the successful soap opera "Dallas," as the reason for its early cancellation. Also, it was "Manimal."

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