6 Hilarious “Gangnam Style” Mashups!

This South Korean lunatic is taking the internet by storm!

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

After debuting on YouTube last month, Korean hip-hop artist, "Psy" has been rocking the internet with his smash hit "Gangnam Style" — whatever the hell that means. And we have to be completely honest: WE CANNOT GET THIS SONG OUT OF OUR HEADS! Listen for yourself:

His video is nearing 200,000,000 views. And of course it would, we imagine this is what a coked out Asian fever-dream would look like: Midgets, horses, dancing, explosions, and awkardly hot backup dancers.

But, as the natural progression goes, first comes sucess, then parody. That's where CRAVE steps in. We've found you some of the funniest "Gangnam Style" Mashups the internet has to offer.

Take a look:

"The Psyning"

"All work and no play make Psy a dull boy."


"Gangnam Park"

"And the other dancing Koreans, you didn't even know were there…"


"Psy Hard"

"Yippe-Kai-Yay you scary dancing nut job!"


"Psy Matrix"

"I know this is a Korean hip-hop song, because the Matrix tells me so."


"Minecraft Gangnam Style"

If it can be parodied in Minecraft, it can be parodied anywhere. 


"Saw… Gangnam Style"

A truly harrowing ordeal for any music fan.