Funny Pages – Write or Flight

The video frenzy let’s the funny fly!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

From birds of flight to a stage dive gone wrong, we get extra meta in the game paperboy and Dinosaur Office has a new boss. All that and more on today’s funny pages, where we spotlight the funniest videos taken from the front pages of the biggest sites in web comedy!


Dailymotion  – Stage Dive Fail (link)

It’s everybody’s favorite fail, the flying Dutchman!

Remember when attempting to stage dive, have an audience bigger than 2.


Break  – Mine! Mine! (link)

And now performing right here on our stage… The mystical… the amazing… the flying snatch and grab.


Podpocalypse – The Plumber (link)

This young lady just can’t catch a break.


College Humor – New Boss (link)

There’s a new boss at Dinosaur Office and things are flying along swingingly.


Dorkly – Paperboy Newsroom (link)

Headlines are flying left and right in the newsroom from Paperboy!


Funny Or Die – #4 – ROB LOWE's msg for 1980's HOLLYWOOD AGENT (link)

Rob Lowe is flying over the moon


That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and let some wind fly!

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