Rick Mercer releases book of rants

"A Nation Worth Ranting About" hits bookshelves Tuesday.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

After almost a decade of rants on his hit CBC show "The Rick Mercer Report," Mercer is releasing a new book called "A Nation Worth Ranting About," which comes out tomorrow.

Running the gamut from political to socio-economical to bullying in school, Mercer's rants have become a regular occurrence in every episode of his program, where he travels from coast to coast meeting Canadians from various walks of life. He told The Canadian Press in a recent interview, "I can count on one hand for the past five years the times I've beat myself up finding something to rant about. There's lots to rant about. It can be about the PM or it can be about winter drivers. A good rant just has to come from the rant place, quite often an angry place. And I can be angry about lots of stuff, not just the prime minister."

Nine years of rants have amounted to some major buzz – many of his rants went viral and got hundreds of thousands of views on sites like YouTube. In fact, a lot of schools will show his rants as well. "I love when I hear that teachers are playing the rant in school," he said to the CP. "When I was a student, nothing made me happier than when the teacher rolled the TV and VCR into the classroom. I was like, 'Yes, we're gonna watch something! It doesn't matter what it is, I don't have to listen to that person talk anymore!' If their social studies class once a week is spent watching my show, that makes me very happy."

A new season of "The Rick Mercer Report" gets started on the CBC network on Tuesday at 8pm.

Photo: Christopher Mason / WENN