Get Pumped for Dishonored with a new “Experience” Themed Dev Video

"Everything that the player wants to do, he should be able to do it."

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson


That quote running below the image at the head of this article comes from the opening minute of this particular developer diary. It's said by Christophe Carrier, the Lead Level Designer at Arkane Studios for Dishonored.

In fact, that line is really the core experience that the Dishonored marketing campaign is touting the most for potential players.

The game is all about freedom and choice. See something, get to it. You can open all doors, posses all characters, kill everyone or kill no one. That's the nature of Dishonored, or, supposedly, the nature Arkane Studios is intending to produce.

Dig the developer's diary here.

This is part three in the series, you can also watch part one and part two.

Dishonored is set to release for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC platforms on October 9th of this year.