Making 007: Legends, Pt. 2 – Choosing the Missions

Eurocom's Rob Matthews explains the thought process behind choosing the six Bond adventures you'll be playing. 

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Welcome to our three-part series chronicling the development of 007: Legends, the upcoming James Bond game developed by Eurocom and published by Activision. 007: Legends is a bit different than past Bond video games; instead of focusing on just one film or original adventure, 007: Legends cherry-picks six classic Bond missions from the 50-year cinematic history of the character and combines them all into one high-octane thrill ride.

So to shed some light on the development process for 007: Legends, we enlisted the help of Eurocom’s Project Manager, Rob Matthews, to take the microphone and detail what this game is all about.

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Now on to Part Two, "Choosing the Missions."

Take it away, Rob…

The process of selecting the six movies featured in 007 Legends was actually fairly straight forward because of two key factors. First, we knew from the outset that Daniel Craig’s James Bond would be the only Bond featured and, secondly, EON’s desire for us to adapt one film from each of the actors who’ve played Bond over the last fifty years.

That second factor really helped us to narrow down the movie selections. We wanted Skyfall to be Daniel’s featured movie, George Lazenby had only appeared in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Timothy Dalton had two films, and of the four Pierce Brosnan era films, two had already been made into games that we didn’t want to re-interpret again, leaving us with the rich and cherished Roger Moore and Sean Connery eras to deliberate over.


Alongside the desire to pay homage to each of the six actors who’ve assumed the role of James Bond, variety and breadth of experience also played a huge part in guiding our film choices. Our goal was to take a different theme from each film, avoiding repetition wherever possible in terms of mood, location, action and experience. If you look at the movies revealed so far, we have a diverse collection and each one offers something unique and important to the Bond franchise.

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service features Bond’s relationship with Tracy and his nemesis Blofeld, which for many fans these events were a defining moment in Bond’s history. In Licence to Kill, we have Bond’s relationship with Felix Leiter, a key character who has played a huge role in Bond’s life over the years. We have the social aspect of Bond’s world represented with the high society party at Gustav Graves’ Ice Palace alongside a gadget laden car chase in Bond’s Aston Martin in Die Another Day, and then Moonraker features one of the most loved villains, Jaws, from cinematic history alongside the grandest spectacle of them all – Bond in outer space.


Working closely with David Wilson of EON Productions and screenwriter Bruce Feirstein, a veteran of three Bond movie productions, we solidified our choices and then distilled each film down to a singular theme.  We explored these and how they helped define Bond over the last fifty years, including the people he’s met, his experiences, regrets, successes and failures. Recklessness, loss, revenge, reflection, renewed and resolve – these six words illustrate and illuminate the timeless hero we know and love from the movies throughout his journey in 007 Legends.