5 “Helpful” Comedy Videos By Pleated-Jeans

You might learn something… but probably not.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Comedian Jeff Wysaski, the operator of Pleated-Jeans.com, has been featured on Buzzfeed, Time Magazine and Huffington Post, among others. So, what’s his secret? What knowledge can he impart to the masses? Jeff tries to offer wisdom in his YouTube videos with, uh… mixed results. Here are 5 “helpful” comedy videos by Pleated-Jeans:


10 Not-So-Useful Life Hacks

That paper plate is also good for school photos (see video #3).


TV Shows: How To Be A Real Fan

Ever since LOST ended I’ve been so… lost…


27 Things The Can Ruin A School Photo

Have them take a picture of a cardboard cutout of you. Problem solved!


15 Ways To Boost Your Self-Esteem

Kill two flies and you’re twice as high on the food chain.


Better Names For Things

One butt shelf, please.


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