Cable and X-Force: Anti-Heroes Ahoy!

Cable's comin' back, and it looks like X-Force ain't gonna be uncanny anymore, but they'll be just as outlawed.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Cable and X-Force

Well, all my careful speculation about the future of Colossus as a straight-up supervillain? Guess I was about half-right. It turns out he will indeed be a wanted fugitive, but he'll also be the kind of anti-hero that teams up with Cable and X-Force to save the world in spite of being considered criminals.

Check out this business which was just revealed today – Dennis Hopless and Salvador Larroca will be teaming up for Cable and X-Force, a new Marvel NOW book starring Cable (looking eye-patchy like Deathstroke for some reason), Domino, Forge, Colossus and Dr. Nemesis (looking not nearly as cool without the fedora and the nice suit) as a squad wanted for terrorism against a major anti-mutant American corporation.

Cable and X-Force #1


“The X-Force that Cable’s leading is a group of outlaws trying to save the world,” explained Hopeless. “They’re fugitives being chased across the globe and doing what good they can while always looking back over their shoulders. There’s not much room for error on this team.”

You'll note there's no carry over from Rick Remender's stellar Uncanny X-Force, but hey, it's Marvel NOW. Everything has to change for the sake of change, so that's by design.

“We knew the return of Cable had to be big and this is going to be one of the most explosive Marvel NOW! launches, " said Axel Alonso, Marvel's Editor-in-Chief.  “Dennis and Salvador are bringing a new look and feel to the X-Force, with a story that hearkens back to the core themes that made them such a phenomenon while moving them forward in an exciting way.”

So does Piotr still have the Juggernaut power? How can a member of the Phoenix Five be redeemed after all the mess of Avengers vs. X-Men? It's an all new direction, but at least Peter Rasputin is still at least trying to do the right thing after doing so much wrong. Gives me a little hope, after I had to talk myself into accepting my favorite X-Man was going to be a bad guy from now on. However, it also dashes my dreams of an X-Club ongoing written by Simon Spurrier. Dr. Nemesis taking cues from Movie Bane isn't a good sign.