Fiona Gubelmann on ‘Wilfred’ Season 2

The actress who plays Jenna promises us “sexy stuff” is ahead on “Wilfred,” before geeking out with us about sci-fi books.

Fred Topelby Fred Topel

We met Fiona Gubelmann at the Fox party for the Television Critics Association, representing their FX family for “Wilfred.” She was wearing a beautiful green dress looking red carpet ready, but we got to sit with her at a private table. We talked about Jenna, her character on “Wilfred,” but she was so friendly we ended up just geeking out over books and TV shows.

CraveOnline: Is it fun to get all dressed up like this?

Fiona Gubelmann: It is. It’s a lot of fun. The makeup artist I’ve been working with, I’ve been working with her for two years now so it’s fun to play and get to borrow fun jewelry and dresses.

CraveOnline: What crazy things are still coming up the rest of the season on “Wilfred?”

Fiona Gubelmann: Jenna’s character this season is so different than last season because last season I think people just really got to see the bright bubbly version of her, but this season she’s a lot darker. She’s going through a lot more emotionally and things are really changing in terms of her relationship with Ryan and Drew. There’s some sexy stuff coming up too that I’m excited about.

CraveOnline: What sexy stuff will we get to see?

Fiona Gubelmann: I think you guys are going to get to see some stuff that I think a lot of guys are going to be excited about.

CraveOnline: When you got scripts like that, were you nervous?

Fiona Gubelmann: You know, I love the show so much and it’s right in the vein of my sense of humor, very dark and very twisted, I’m always like bring it on. Bring on the stuff. Sometimes when we’re shooting the day of, like when we go to shoot I’ll be like, “Oh wait, what am I doing?” But when I get the scripts, it’s funny. Sometimes they’ll give me the scripts on set and I’ll be like, “No one talk to me” because I’m so excited reading it. I’m such a fan of the show already.

CraveOnline: Have you ever been asked to push the boundaries like that before?

Fiona Gubelmann: I’ve definitely done some stuff when I was in Employee of the Month. That was a really dark twisted sick part.

CraveOnline: Were you the one doing the raunchy stuff in that?

Fiona Gubelmann: Yes, yeah. I thought it was funny and so I went with it. There are some times I have to be like, “Is this funny?” That’s always the first thing. Is this funny and is this good? If it is then I like to just go for it. I’ll do stuff like I worked with Will Forte on his series “Rebounding,” this Fox show. We were doing stuff that was so inappropriate and I was definitely the motivator in it. At one point I stuck my hand in his mouth, and after the take he’s like, “I really hope you washed your hands.”

CraveOnline: And Fox did not pick up this series???

Fiona Gubelmann: Fox did not pick up the series, yeah. I don’t know but we had some fun.

CraveOnline: Hands in Will Forte’s mouth sounds like good television.

Fiona Gubelmann: I was rubbing myself all over him, but it didn’t make it to air so I don’t know what happened.

CraveOnline: Has it gotten easier to work with Jason Gann in the costume?

Fiona Gubelmann: I think it’s gotten harder. I think it’s gotten harder because he’s like my big brother now. He cracks me up and I look at him and I adore him, so now it’s a little harder.

CraveOnline: With “Wilfred,” how does it feel to be in a second season?

Fiona Gubelmann: Oh God, it’s amazing to be in the second season. When I first booked the show it was a dream come true honestly. It was like the best part I’ve had in eight years. I loved it so much so to get the job that you love that much, to book steady work as an actor is a blessing and then to book something I love.

When we got picked up for the first season it was exciting, but now we’re in second season, there’s so many new things to be excited about. First of all, we get to just play in the world. We’re not trying to set things up. We’re not trying to explain what’s going on. We get to really play in it.

Also with a second season, we have people that we meet that are genuine fans of the show. To go out at Comic-Con, we had almost 2500 people I think at our panel. There were people in the audience that were dressed up in their Halloween costumes, their Wilfred costumes.

CraveOnline: Were they only dressed up as Wilfred, or did anyone dress up as other characters?

Fiona Gubelmann: I only saw Wilfreds. I think it’d be hard to be like, “Oh, that’s Jenna.” It could just be a girl that looks like me.

CraveOnline: It would be more creative than the obvious dog costume.

Fiona Gubelmann: I know, right? But I’ll tell you, one fan made us these plush dolls that were about this big. She’s from Argentina. She made a Ryan, Wilfred and Jenna doll. She gave them to us so now I have my own doll. How cool is it to be on a show to have fans that are that excited about it that they dress up, they buy the costumes, they make you dolls. It’s not often that if you are on a show that you’re on a show like that. So I’m so lucky.


CraveOnline: Do the fans know you now, like you’re Fiona Gubelmann, not just “You’re that girl from ‘Wilfred?’”

Fiona Gubelmann: It depends. I’m very interactive with people on Twitter. I’m interacting with fans a lot. We’ll tweet live during the show which is great and there are certain people that you just develop a Twitter relationship with. So there are people that know who I am, and walking around, if I walked through the Comic Con halls and stopped, people would know who I am. I think some people know Fiona. I think Gubelmann’s too much of a mouthful.

CraveOnline: I did it. Am I special?

Fiona Gubelmann: You did it, yeah. You made me feel special. Yeah, it’s a cool thing.

CraveOnline: Did you get to walk the floor at all?

Fiona Gubelmann: I did. I walked it three times actually. I never got to be there more than about 45 minutes because we were so busy that I usually had about an hour a day and I would go down there. My favorite thing to look at was the artwork just because I love art. I love meeting people that are creative and getting to see their creations.

I was so bummed, on my last day there, on the second story where a lot of the comic book stuff is, there’s a place where you can walk through and see all this artwork and stuff that they made. It had already been sold and I was so bummed because there were these robots that were this big that were made out of anything you can find in your house, just odd ball stuff. I would have bought one so I got the information and I want to go on and buy that.

CraveOnline: Did you buy anything while you were there?

Fiona Gubelmann: I didn’t. I wanted to. Oh, I take that back. I got these little carved wooden mustaches that go on a chain that you put in your pocket. I got it as gifts for people because I know people in the mustache thing.

CraveOnline: I bought a shirt that said The Rambo Games because I just love the idea of Rambo fighting children in The Hunger Games.

Fiona Gubelmann: I think Rambo would win.

CraveOnline: That’s why I love it.

Fiona Gubelmann: Are you a Hunger Games fan? What are your favorite books to read?

CraveOnline: Ender’s Game is the one I’m waiting for. I’ve been waiting for someone to do that movie.

Fiona Gubelmann: Let me tell you. Ender’s Game is one of my favorite books. My dad was really big into science fiction/fantasy so I grew up in that whole world. The first time I read Ender’s Game I was in third grade. I don’t know how I’m going to see the movie to be honest because I’ve read and reread that book so many times. I still have my dad’s copy from when I was a kid and I have such memories and visions of the book.

CraveOnline: For me it’s been so long since I’ve read it, maybe I can almost see the fresh.

Fiona Gubelmann: See, I reread it a few years ago. I reread it every couple years. Did you ever read The Haunted Mesa by Louis L’Amour? That was one of my favorite books as a kid too.

CraveOnline: Not that, but I read the four Ender’s books and then the four parallel stories.

Fiona Gubelmann: I don’t think i’m going to see it. I did see Hunger Games though. I liked the books. They were fun. They weren’t as good as Harry Potter.

CraveOnline: I have a problem with all those fantasy quest stories. I’m sort of on to the formula. They all have a protagonist learning about his/her backstory, they all form alliance that maybe won’t last because they’re all competing with each other. Just change the references and mythological words.

Fiona Gubelmann: You know what’s going to happen. That’s the thing. I love when you get surprised by a book, when you get surprised by a movie, by television. I love TV, I just love it. It’s very rare as actors I think especially that can get surprised by good TV, good books. If I’m reading a script that I love and I don’t have to finish, I don’t for auditions now. If this is really good, I want to be surprised by it. Because you watch TV a lot, do you tend to call stuff out?

CraveOnline: I’m not as good at it on TV, but in movies and books I can call it.

Fiona Gubelmann: I’ll be like, “That’s going to happen.” I’ll see a sliver [and call it.]