NFL Reminiscing: Harbaugh vs. Schwartz Fight 2011

[Video] The two coaches will meet again this Sunday, which leaves us wondering if there will be a round 2?

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

Detroit plays at San Francisco this Sunday, meaning the two teams will meet for the first time since their two head coaches got into a fight following their game last fall in Michigan in 2011. It's obvious that in the video, Jim Harbaugh — coach of the Niners — gives Lions head coach Jim Schwartz a tough hand shake following the 49ers win before exchanging some words that lead to a big-time altercation. Ya, these two guys don't like each other; and we haven't even begun to talk about how the Lions and Niners look to both be playoff bound again in 2012 — meaning there is sure to be no hate lost between the two fiery coaches.

Can we see a repeat of this on Sunday? For all entertainment purposes, let's hope so!

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