Introducing: The Oopsman Trophy Watch

Beginning our watch following Week 2 of the season, we look at who might deserve to be awarded the worst full-time player in college football at season's end -- the exact opposite of the Heisman Trophy.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

There is the Heisman Trophy and there is also now the Oopsman Trophy.  This trophy is the exact opposite of the Heisman, obviously.  Largely based on expectations coming into the 2012 season, the Oopsman Trophy will be given, at season’s end, to the worst player in college football based on the performance that we as college football superfans thought that this particular player would put together in this great year of college football.

Let the official watch begin!

Keenan Davis – WR, Iowa

Davis was highly thought of coming into the 2012 season, but thus far hasn’t really put together anything great, despite playing average competition.  Widely regarded as one of the best receivers, if not the best in the Big Ten, Davis has just 9 receptions for 116 yards and zero touchdowns.  Blame it on the bad play of QB James Vandenberg if you will, but Davis needs to get better fast.


Keith Price – QB, Washington

The Huskies offense isn’t quite as potent as we thought that it may be so far in 2012.  A big part of this is due to speedy quarterback Keith Price crumbling a little under the weight of expectations so far through two games to start the year.  The Huskies were primed for a chance at an upset last weekend versus LSU.  Instead, Price was just 17 for 36 for 157 yards with zero touchdowns and an interception.


Knile Davis – RB, Arkansas

Davis sat out all of last season with a knee injury and expectations were definitely high coming off of the injury this year due to his stellar showing in 2010.  Well not only are the Razorbacks playing badly through the first two games and having more injury woes, but Davis isn’t performing as expected either.  Through two games, Davis is averaging just 66 yards rushing per contest – against Jacksonville State and Louisiana-Monroe.


Denard Robinson – QB, Michigan

No one necessarily expects Robinson to be stellar with his throwing abilities, but instead of improving his throwing like he did last year, this year Robinson’s passing has actually regressed it seems and become dreadful.  Yes, his running abilities are phenomenal, but he absolutely needs to improve throwing the football if the Wolverines have any shot at a Big Ten title.  Through two games, Robinson is completing just 49 percent of his passes and has thrown as many interceptions as he has thrown touchdowns – three.


Washington Huskies defense

It seems the Huskie's awful defense from last year’s bowl loss to Baylor has carried over into 2012.  This past weekend they allowed 242 yards rushing and 437 yards in total to an LSU defense that is, let’s be honest, not that great.  After the first two weekends, the Huskies rank 77th in scoring defense (allowing 26.5 points per game) and 106th in rushing defense (allowing over 220 yards per game).  Good luck getting by in the offense-heavy Pac-12 with those numbers.