Single White Females Love Ryan Gosling

Female comedy duo has the most surreal and inventive sketches I've seen so far.

Sam Wellerby Sam Weller

It's been a lot of fun to do these reviews lately, I've been exposed to great content and things I would never have sought out myself. And Single White Females are the some of the best that I've seen so far. Their videos are intelligent, strange and pack so much good stuff in every moment.


The first involves a self-help group for people who don't like superhero movies… stick around for when the big guy breaks down about Magic Mike, that stuff is golden:



I love surrealism in comedy. Just little touches that make even a regular interaction that much more interesting are my bread and butter. Family Guy achieves this when they do little asides (and are famously littered with them) but when used properly they can delightfully change up the scene and add some real layers to what is happening.


In the next sketch, pay attention to how many stories are playing out at once in the same scene. There's the relation to the waiter who annoyingly abreviates everything, the relationship between the two couples, the mystery of incestual relationships, and all the internal asides and flashbacks actually help move the story along rather than exist solely for a cheap laugh:



Single White Females' sketches are funny because they are well designed pieces of comedy. They are fun and keep moving at a brisk pace, not expecting their audience to enjoy it just because they said something funny, but because you are being presented with a wholly enjoyable viewing experience. That description might be a bit diadactic and meandering but I don't care.


But the hallmark of these videos is the way they comment and subvert the very subject matter they talk about. Their comment on super hero movies is shot like one and steals lines from several. Ryan Gosling in Drive was a well-liked character, but people were occasionally confounded by his silent, possibly autistic (thanks for that one Christian Krauspe… you can listen to us on our podcast below!) delivery. In the last sketch, the long silent walk one of the leads goes on is so funny and interesting it does something that YouTube videos have a hard time doing. Holding your attention.



I would definitely recommend subscribing to Single White Females on YouTube, and try to act coy when they blow up and you say "oh really…?"




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