8 More F’d-up Groupons!

Savings! Savings! Horror! The Horror!

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe


We're all about getting hot deals on the web these days. And with sites like Groupon.com, it's hard not to find something you really want to get! And why not? You work hard. You deserve a little savings. 

This week on CRAVE, we've found you some eight more of the most bizzare, crazy, and funny Groupon ads to be found on the net. Act fast! This offer is limited time only!

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He did a lot for the people of futuristic Detriot. Why not you?


Tim Burton may or may not be one hell of a lucky guy. 


At least he'll be too drunk to try and bang your friends. 


Think of all the hilarious one-liners! Classic haunted painting movie. 


It was either with her or Tilda Swinton. 


Despite what Mr. Emmerich and Mr. Bay have done, NY is lovely this time of year. 


Open up your heart… Literally. 


Granted, pedicures done with shotguns are not the standard, but neither is this savings!


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