Jose Canseco’s Hilarious and Ironic Commercial

[Video] With gravitas, the former juiced up home run hero shot some hysterical commercials for Old Milwaukee beer.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

Below is just one of the satirical commercials that Jose Canseco shot earlier this summer for Old Milwaukee beer. According to Yahoo Sports, the internet was buzzing like crazy with the hilarity and irony of the commercials, but no one could get a clean, crisp copy to disply online — until now.

The commercials aired on local television in Kansas City during the All-Star game. Too bad, because these are too epic to not garner national attention. Although four commercials were released (at the very least, based on what we have online), one of the best quotes comes from the commercial displayed below: "1985. That was a great year for you, Kansas City. After that, everyone said you guys went into a slump. You didn't go into a slump. The rest of the world started cheating. Here's to not cheating, KC. Sometimes last place is first place." — Jose Canseco

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