Taking The AFL Overseas, Details Of McCarthy’s LV Death Emerge

The first home and away season AFL game will be played overseas in 2013.

Robert Whiteby Robert White

The shock surrounding John McCarthy’s death, the Port Adelaide player who died earlier in Las Vegas earlier in the week, is still fresh in the minds of the entire football community, but details are now emerging of the incident.

McCarthy, holidaying with ten other Port players after their season had finished the week before, fell from the roof of a Vegas hotel on Sunday.

The AAP is reporting a number of new details that surrounded the tragic event, including a phone call between McCarthy and a teammate just minutes before his fall. McCarthy told the player that he was “OK” and was heading back to his hotel.

The 22-year-old fell to his death soon after when he used a fire escape to gain access to the roof before attempting to jump to a palm tree. The act was not that of suicide, but heavy drinking and possible drug use were involved.

McCarthy’s death has hit the football world hard. He was considered a great and special person by those that knew him and was a rising star in the league.


The AFL is venturing into new waters, literally, as the league expands outside of Australia for the first time ever.

St Kilda and Sydney will play the first home and away fixture outside of Australia soils next year for the storied ANZAZ Day clash to be held in New Zealand.

The game will be played at Westpac Stadium in Wellington, a venue with a 34,000 capacity stadium.

The league has been promoting the game globally for many years, with American athletes providing a new focus in 2012, but the game to be played in New Zealand is a big step.

AFL chief operating officer Gillon McLachlan told the media that it could eventually lead to even greater things.

"Where that goes, I don't know. Whether it's a team in 10 years, I'd love to think it was," he said.

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Photo: Courtesy of Port Adelaide Football Club

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