New ‘Arrow’ Season 1 Trailer

Catch a glimpse of the CW's newest superhero in action.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Next month, the CW will finally get a new DC superhero TV series in the form of "Arrow;" which is inspired by the comic book hero, Green Arrow.

"Arrow" completely reinvents the title character after his most recent live action appearance in "Smallville," with Stephen Amell starring as Oliver Queen; a millionaire playboy who manages to survive five years on a remote island after a shipwreck that may not have been an accident. Greatly changed by his experiences, Oliver maintains the facade of his former self while secretly dispensing his own brand of justice as the costumed hero known only as Arrow.

Katie Cassidy costars as Laurel Lance, Oliver's ex-girlfriend, whom comic fans know better as her future alter ego, Black Canary. And she's not the only DC character joining Arrow on this show. In the first season, Michael Rowe will appear as Deadshot, Kelly Hu will portray the villainous China White and Jessica De Gouw will play Helena Bertinelli aka The Huntress, a costumed vigilante who may be romantically linked to Oliver as well.

The CW has set Wednesday, October 10 as the official premiere for "Arrow." The network has also released a new trailer for the first season of "Arrow," which includes a few extended clips of Oliver in action.



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