Harley-Davidson Ushers in ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Season Five

Danny Trejo joined his fellow cast members of "Sons of Anarchy" for the Season Five premiere event around a fleet of Harley-Davidsons in Westwood.

John Scott Lewinskiby John Scott Lewinski

If there’s any place where motorcycles and Hollywood me, it’s on the meeting fictional stories of the “Son of Anarchy.”

With “Harley-Davidson” rolling in from Milwaukee to supply the promo motorcycle, the stars of the long-running show gathered on the red carpet in Westwood for a special screening of the season premiere.

Season Four left off with former club leader Clay (Ron Perlman) shot to bits and the motorcycle gang under siege from drug cartels, the CIA, Irishmen and rival hoods.

As Season Five lifts its kickstand this Fall, Jax (Charlie Hunnam) is in charge of the club and trying to complete a major drug deal while authorities off their payroll close in around them.

A unique blending of the Los Angeles motorcycle community and be-suited Hollywood types hit the Fox Westwood Village theater, taking the occasional moment to sit on the newest Harley-Davidson model, the 2013 Street Bob.

Harley’ Hollywood connection is part of the companies 110th anniversary year. The “Sons of Anarchy premiere and after-party at Malibu’s Gladstone’s Restaurant are just a couple more bashes in the year full of international rallies and anniversary motorcycle rollouts.

The car and motorcycle press got pushed to the back of the press line as the Hollywood press corps and the lizard-like paparazzi muscled into the fray. But that worked out just fine as the “Sons of Anarchy” stars were more interested in talking up their shared love of motorcycles.

Dayton Callie (former Police Chief Wayne Unser) said he was sworn to secrecy on what fans will be seeing in Season Five. But he could confirm that his character would not be seen on a bike this year.

“I ride, but they won’t let me ride on the show,” Callie said. “They’re teasing me with it every season, but I don’t get to ride. In the past I’ve ridden Dynas, Fat Boys. I get ride for Charity events we do – like Wounded Warrior events.”

“I’ve been riding since I was 16,” Callie added. “But I didn’t always have a bike. Nice thing is, nowadays, if I want to bike, I can just go out and buy one.”

Danny Trejo (the head of the show’s drug cartel) said he was a longterm rider and loved being part of the show.

“My last bike was on the cover of “Easy Rider,” Trejo said. “I get street cred for that.”

Chuck Zito, real-life former Hell’s Angel and now a recurring cast member on “Sons,” said the joy of working on show was just being himself.

“On the show, I get to ride my own motorcycle. I get to wear my own clothes. I get to wear my own jewelry. I try to bring some authenticity to the show every chance I get.”

After the red carpet concluded, stars, execs and fans alike piled into the theater to watch this year’s premiere episode. While CraveOnline will keep this red carpet recap 100% spoiler free, it’s fair to say fans will get their fill of gas-powered intrigue, nudity and violence.