James Cameron Plans Avatar Prequel, Battle Angel Alita by 2017

You'll finally see the original colonization of Pandora, and after that Cameron's long-awaited manga adaptation. 

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani


James Cameron, the director who said he was only going to make Avatar movies from now on, is not only planning the fourth film in the franchise – even though the second and third films haven't started filming yet – but he may also be planning his next non-Avatar movie. With contradictions like this, we're amazed he's not working on another True Lies.

In a recent interview with MTV to promote the Blu-ray release of Titanic 3D, the director of the two most successful movies ever made says, "I have an idea for a fourth […] I haven't really put pen to paper on it, but basically it goes back to the early expeditions of Pandora, and kind of what went wrong with the humans and the Na'vi and what that was like to be an explorer in a completely unknown world. Because when we drop in, even in the first film in Avatar 1, as it will be known in the future, we're dropping into a process that's 35 years into a whole colonization."

With the fourth film being planned, and two other films not yet in production, it seems like it would be a long time before James Cameron could begin working on any other project, but Jon Landau claims it's still going to happen. Landau was Cameron's producer on Titanic and Avatar (and the sexy male sports calendar comedy Campus Man), and claims that Battle Angel – based on Yukito Kishiro's manga about a post-apocalyptic cyborg bounty hunter – is still in the cards after Avatar 2, 3 and presumably 4.

"I am sure you will get to see Battle Angel," Landau told MovieZine (via Collider). "It is one of my favorite stories, a great story about a young woman’s journey to self-discovery. It is a film that begs the question: 'What does it mean to be human?' Are you human if you have a heart, a brain or a soul? I look forward to giving the audience the film."

We certainly look forward to being an audience to James Cameron's next non-Avatar project, but we may have to wait until at least 2017 before it's a possibility. Until then we'll just have to settle for the fabulous 3D vistas of Pandora. 

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