Eric Young Pins Down Fish on “Extreme Catches”

"Showtime" Eric Young body slams fish as the star of "Off the Hook: Extreme Catches" on Animal Planet.

John Scott Lewinskiby John Scott Lewinski

Eric Young spends most of his time in tiny shorts, beating up men and women alike. Fortunately, he’s a successful professional wrestler and not a mental patient in underpants.

Born in Canada, the TNA wrestling star and indie circuit favorite resides in Nashville. Thanks to the American south’s abundance of lakes and Atlantic coastline, he’s more than just arm drags and drop toe holds. He’s also a veteran fisherman – pursuing not only the common targets of most southern anglers, but also some rare and potentially dangers pescado.

As the star of Animal Planet’s “Off the Hook: Extreme Catches,” “Showtime” Eric travels the U.S. experimenting with inventive and unique fishing techniques.

CraveOnline hooked him for a quick interview about what brought him from the top rope into the water.

CraveOnline: How did you get into fishing?

Eric Young: I fished a lot when I was a kid, but pro wrestling took me away from my love of fishing. I am a novice fisherman, but do love it.  My dad always wanted a buddy to go fishing with, and now my mom said that that guy is me now.

CraveOnline: How did you get into these more creative ways of catching fish?

Eric Young: “Off the Hook” offered a cool opportunity to travel around the country and meet interesting people while doing things no one has even heard of. I love doing extreme things. Anything that will give me a story to tell is worth doing.  And these guys and gals that I meet and spend hours with have lots of stories.

CraveOnline: With the busy road schedule of pro wrestling, how do you find time to get out on the water?

Eric Young: It is tough, but I love wrestling and have been doing it for years.  But I love fishing too, and now I'm doing both and it worked out great.   I am not giving up either of ‘em.

CraveOnline: Describe jet ski fishing. What is it used for and what is it effective to catch that couldn't be snagged another way?

Eric Young: You could catch any of those fish in 100 different ways, but it won't look as cool doing it and not near as much fun. My buddy, “Jet-ski” Brian, thought it was hardcore. And you wouldn’t believe the workout. It takes 30 miles off the coast with those swells. It’s majorly tough on the body. Even mine.

CraveOnline: Any ways of catching fish you haven't tried that you'd like to hit?

Eric Young: America is about innovation, and there are numerous ways to catch fish. Many of them are inventive as hell. With two stories per episode, we’ve explored a lot – but there’re plenty left to cast the line for.

CraveOnline: In the years to come, when you leave the ring behind, do you see yourself making a living out of your love of fishing, etc.?

Eric Young: I will always be involved in wrestling. It is my dream job.  But I love this show, and I would love to broaden my experiences on television – and movies.