AFL Elimination Final: Geelong v Fremantle Live

Fremantle win maybe their biggest game in club history..

Robert Whiteby Robert White

We're running something different for today's elimination final between the Geelong and Fremantle. A live blog will cover all the big moments. Keep hitting refresh.

Pre Game

No late changes. Subs are Simpkin and Suban.

It would be nice to Fremantle get up here. They've really come into the Lyon game plan nicely over the past weeks and should present a challenge, but this is the reigning premiers we are talking about and they looked very solid last week against Sydney.

News is coming in that Lenny Hayes has been in hospital since Wed having open heart surgery. Will play in 2013! Amazing story.


Silvagni chops off first Geelong inside 50. Replaced McPharlin in the side, but has been average in just a few games this year.

17:30 Pavlich schanks first real attempt. No score.

16:34 Pavlich second mark inside 50. Lost Lonergan easily. No mistake, first blood.

Stat: Pavlich 61 goals since round 10. 

Trent West v Sandilands… Dockers win.

Very nice spoil by Dawson on Hawkins from a late challenge. 

13:18 Mundy sells candy and hits Pavlich with the left boot as Lonergan hits the deck. Runs into open goal. 

BT's man crush on Michael Barlow is a little too much.

12:19 Ballantyne marks inside 50, but cops a hard knock. Hill also hurting. Ballas makes it 18-1.

10:28 Crowley marks and goals. Fremantle are embarrassing the Cats early.

Mayne grabs what must be Freo's 7th or 8th inside 50 mark. Mayne feigns the shots and chips it to Walters who spuds it up.

By my count, Geelong has been inside 50 three times. It's like their forward end at the square. Fyfe has the 2 possessions.

6:16 Pavlich unstoppable with another mark inside 50. Third goal from four shots. 34-1.

Fyfe spectacular interception mark as Geelong try to get outside 50.

McPhee attempts a similar mark, but fails spectacularly.

Silvagni pinged for deliberate, but Trent West (LOL) kicks into man on the mark.

10 marks inside 50 to none.

Two fumbles under no pressure by Geelong in final minute. Very uncharisteristic. Fremantle up 37-1 at quarter-time. 


A lot of people are shocked with the opening quarter. We'll see if Geelong's Bernard Tomic impression ends in the second quarter.

With the Mundy opening clearance, Freo are now leading every statistical catergory. 

Sandilands loose man in defense chops off Selwood kick.

Ballantyne wins free in middle. He's been run more up the ground in the second half of the season and it has worked very well.

Hill rolls ankle. Still out there.

First real string of possessions for the Cats is intercepted at half forward.

There are 20 fingers on the Geelong side that have yet to touch the Sherrin. Well, 16 and four thumbs.

14:14 Barlow misses set shot. Very average part of his game.

Docker's intensity has yet to die. It's great to watch.

12:36 Barlow to Mundy to De Boer. Mackie hurt and limping. De Boer goes back and puts Fremantle up 44.

Mackie's injury is a cork. 

11:45 Hawkins first touch is Geelong's first mark inside 50. A few Dockers dregs over the fence whispering sweet nothings into his ear help force the miss.

High tackle by Pearce, but Christensen bricks the set shot.

Nat Fyfe is putting on a marking clinic. Taught him everything he knows. 

Just quietly, my Sportsbet account is sitting pretty right now.

8:21 Pearce kicks Freo's second of the quarter.

Bartel misses. Four Cats operating at over 80 percent disposal efficiency. 

6:35 Mackie kicks Geelong's first. Thanks for showing up.

Dockers looking slightly vulnerable. Duckwood free kick 30 out directly in front. Kicks it. 51-16.

Duckwood wins another and Geelong goes forward ending in a Duncan mark and goal. 

2:27 Walters kicks an amazing goal. Intensity had risen another notch and the ball was stuck inside Freo's forward fifty. In heavy congestion Walters soccered through an really tough score. Important momentum breaker.

Can't reiterate how big the Walters goal was. Let Fremantle escape into halftime without inflicting anymore damage. They need gather themselves and comeback out stronger.

57-23 HT.


19:04 Great start for Geelong. Motlop breaks away for banana goal. 

Fyfe high on Christensen. Just misses. Dockers under the pump. 

17:00 Stokes kicks another. 20-point game. 

Pavlich strong lead, marks straight in front. Goal number number four. 

Crowley is on Kelly despite Selwood turning the tide late in the second.

13:50 Ballantyne intercept mark, feeds De Boer who misses the easiest of shots.

12:22 Vardy kicks goal. 21 points.

11:24 Pavlich goes by himself running along the right boundary. Snaps truly from tight angle. 

9:50 Freo break up ground and Ballantyne finishes with a beautiful goal on the run. 76-43.

7:33 De Boer mops up spoiled Pav mark attempt and feed Walters who steadies and goals. 

Freo have lost Johnson's run in this one due to McPharlin's absence, but the backline has been very aggressive and attacking, namely Duffield and McPhee.

5:46 Lonergan missed a badly needed goal as the ball slams into the post.

Another Geelong miss. This time Duncan.

Dawson, out of position, out marks Hawkins in last line of defence. 

Mzungu misses shot before final break. Fremantle take a 38-point lead into final quarter.


There's a Mrs Mac's wrapper flying across the field. Carlton are trying to entice Cloke.

Mackie goals a minute and a half into fourth.

Crowley out on the full. You spud.

I can't imagine too many scenarios where a backline of McPhee and Dawson would be providing significant help for a team with a huge lead in an elimination final.

14:33 Christensen boots Geelong back into the game. 24 down.

14:02 Mitch Duncan gives off handball to Hunt who hits the post from beyond 50. Would have brought the house down.

Looking in desperate trouble, somehow Fremantle catch a break with Walters and Ballantyne free streaming towards goal. Back up to 29 points.

Suban on for Spurr.

11:37 Hunt smashes one from 50. This one has the intensity of a Grand Final. 

22 points with nine minutes remaining. You feel as if Fremantle need a goal to win this though.

8:01 Walters free 20 meters out, directly in front.Hacks it left. Big miss.

4:59 Josh Hunt 50 puts him just 20 out. He nails it home. Not sure what the 50 was for. Bit stiff.

Instant Pavlich response. Superstar effort. Sold some candy, and gave himself enough time to straighten up. The moment of the match.

3:25 Taylor kicks one back. This one is going down to the wire.

Pav could have finished him but shot on goal went out on the full.

Post Game

Matthew Pavlich earned Man of the Match honours with an amazing performance and was possibly not 100 percent fit. His six goals, especially the last one late in the fourth won the game for the Dockers.

The Fremantle midfielders were good, but not excellent. As proof, here are some interesting stats: their top three possession getters, Barlow, Hill and Mundy, registered disposal efficiency of 50 percent, 57 percent and 57 percent respectively. Regardless, they won off the back of some great individual efforts. What was more impressive was the way in which Fremantle held off the Geelong counter over the final half even though the weren't dominating as they did in the first quarter.

Very disappointing day for the 2011 premiers. Key forwards Hawkins and Podsiadly did nothing and their comeback, though spirited, wasn't enough to get over a 'new; Dockers outfit.

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