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DNC more like Watch N C these videos!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Alexis Bledel sits down with the DNC Movie, Amazing butt tricks and a catchy song about a snowy place of doom… Denver! Check out all these videos and more today from the front pages of the best videos in comedy – today!


Dailymotion  – T. J. Miller "Denver" (link)

T.J. Miller, a robotic voice, a animated horse statue and more pay tribute to Denver. A magical place that once existed where a man could fight a mountain of snow and bask in the love of whiskey.


Break  – Bubble Butt Flip Cup Trick (link)

And this my friends is the youth of America at it’s finest.

Butt seriously… let’s move on


College Humor – Patrick Wilson's Stock Photos (link)

You may not know this, you may not want to know this, but before Watchmen Patrick Wilson made his living making the world’s most specific Stock Photographs ever to exist. Sketch Premise activate!


UCB Comedy – Say No To Great Opportunities (link)

This is pretty much accurate to every good thing that’s ever happened to you.


Funny Or Die – The Democratic National Convention: The Movie (link)

Erin Gibson sits down with some big Hollywood stars to talk about the DNC… the movie?!

Thanks Erin, and now back to me. Oh hai. Time to go. Ok Buy Bye now!


That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and getty up!

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Here’s some bonus blooper and outtake fun: