Trials Evolution: Gold Edition Announced for PC Gamers

Your chance to feel our addiction.

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

Trials Evolution Gold Edition

There's something special about the Trials franchise. Its early web and PC itterations were fantastic; however, when it migrated over to the Xbox 360 with Trials HD, it evolved into something far more addictive.

Then came Trials Evolution. The newest sequel is absurdly addicting, with brilliantly constructed tracks, instant replayability and a whole course of additional content like multiplayer goodness and a creation tool. It is a crazy good gaming built on an exceptional foundation.

Too bad PC gamers have been left in the dust.

…until now.

Trials Evolution: Gold Edition will include Trials Evolution and Trials HD below one bundle. While no firm pricing or launch date have been revealed, the game is slatted to drop next year.

Get ready, PC gamers, it will own your free time.