Hawthorn-Collingwood AFL Final Live

We'll be covering the first AFL final live.

Robert Whiteby Robert White

We're running something different for today's opening final between the Hawks and Magpies. A live blog will cover all the big moments. Keep hitting refresh.

*If you are joining us late it may be beneficial to start at the bottom of the page.

Hawthorn wraps it up 20.15.(135)-15.7.(97).

Brad Sewell with a game-high 32 disposals (just 50 percent efficiency) while Sam Mitchell collected 31 of his own.

Franklin kicked four, while six other guys bagged multiple goals.

My initial predict was completely off. None of those Collingwood midfielders had any true impact on the game as I thought they would.


Cloke looks every bit of the slab of Hahn and box of Mrs Mac's Carlton is going to throw at him in the next few weeks.

86,625 here tonight. Great atmosphere.

Buddy answers right back. He is really handing it to Tarrant.

6:50 Krakouer weaves his way into a goal, however deficit is still at 37.

Swan looks a lot like a pot plant. A fast pot plant. Nine clearances and 25 disposals for him, but at just 65 percent efficiency.

Cloke ends the Hawks four goal run on the back of mark number seven.

Buddy extends it to 127-79. He and Tarrant are getting quite cuddly.

That's worth a thought.. there's a big difference between Hodge and Maxwell as captains.

15:19 Hodge opens the floodgates.

It's only the 16 minute mark, but Roughead has sealed it with another Hawthorn goal.

Ellis atones for earlier blunder by soccering through goal, but gets hurt in the process.

Collingwood struggling to beyond center square two and a half minutes in.

Xavier Ellis spuds it up and is caught holding. Not sure what he was thinking there.


Hawks 103-79 at 3qt.

Cloke gets his fourth after missing previous two set shots.

Gee, the Pies aren't making it easy on themselves.

Didak replaces Brown. Big cheer from some in the crowd.

9:17 Cloke goals on the line.

Few guys really going at each other off the ball.

Ten seconds later Gunston adds another.

Tarrant gives away a free away to Buddy 15 out. Tarrant felt obliged to have a chat to the ref about it and Franklin ran around and goals.

Cloke absolutely schanks a shot on goal from 50. Boundary line eats it up. Didak warming up.

11:35 50 against Murphy gives Karkouer an easy goal directly in front for his third.

12:06 Rioli breaks a pack a slots through a goal from 30 on the run. The lead is out to 30.

Wellingham cops a lot of for his haricut, but Swan's is worse by far. Thank you.

Bruce questioning Didak's upcoming role in this game. Interesting.

13:17 Not to worry, Hawks rebound the Collingwood counter and Puopolo marks and goals.

Momumental screw up sees the Hawks go without an instant response.

14:38 Chris Dawes swings one around his body for his first goal since round 19 (v St Kilda).

16:05 Breust goals for a 23-point lead.

The Hawks controlling the game call was a little early. Collingwood come straight out of bounce to find Krakouer, but he misses the set shot.

…until Collingwood find Sidebum open in the corridor. Goes to a one-on-one, tapped onto Cloke for the goal.

Hawks are controlling this.

19:14 Hale extends the lead further after a ball up. Every on baller for both teams standing around watching.

Epic snack for those wondering. Chocolate croissant to end was an fanastic finish.


Franklin takes a juggling mark five second before snack-time. Extends Hawks lead to 18 at the major break.

Buddy finally gets on the end of a lead and marks left side 40 out. Schank.

Maxwell gives away free inside 50 and overacts badly to the decision. Hale, who hasn't been doing a whole lot of much, kicks the goal.

Half-time is definately shaping to be snack time.

3:05 Smith puts the Hawks back in front with a left foot snap.

Camera cuts to Collingwood crowd celebrating and I feel slightly less enthused about Pies comeback.

4:24 Ben Johnson low inside 50 delivery, Krakouer slides in marks and goals. Collingwood take the front.

Swan kicks forward with the clearance and Shaw takes a pack mark. He adds Collingwood's second in thirty seconds.

6:45 Instead Wellingham marks 40 out, goes back and… goals. 45-34 Hawthorn.

Buddy, Hodge then Rioli miss shots that really would have opened Hawthorn lead.

9:45 Savage completes a ridiculous roost from right side 50 meter mark. Massive.

12:48 Suckling shocking turnover kicking across defensive 50. Swan hits post. Is probably sad.

15:30 Hawks would love a bit more out of Burgoyne. Just the two kicks.

The unimaginable.. Dawes sets up Cloke who in turn feeds Krakouer for an easy set shot. Back are the Pies 36-27.

Wellingham marks around 50. Drops it to the right side of goal square and Cloke swoops behind pack and sneaks through a cheeky one for Collingwood.

As I was about to say the previous comment doesn't bode too well for the Pies, Gunston slides through the defence and goals. 36-15.

Shaw has been moved down back and O'Brien is playing at fullback.

Cloke and Dawes have combined for two kicks and two marks with zero goals.


0:48 Savage ridiculous effort from the pocket, dribbles through. Any chance of leaving someone in the square?

Shaw is on the bench with a heap of Kleenex after big bump to the ribs.

Not sure Heath Shaw playing upforward has paid dividends.

Live blogging definately not as fun as I thought it would be.

Roughead not called for holding as he lines up a goal, ends up in the hands of Breust who adds number three.

4:32 Birchall gets in on Collingwood kick from back 50, recovers the ball, shrugs the tackle and feeds open Rioli next to goal square. Hawks back in front.

Suckling's second kick was that kickout from the behind.#lethalleftfoot

7:07 Wellingham response. Sinclair follows it up after the Sidebottom feed to take the lead with six minutes remaining in first.

7:47 Hodge goals. Breaks through traffic in right pocket and slams in onto boot. 10-1 for the Hawks. This is a hard game.

8:00 Buddy held by Tarrant, no free. Maxwell dumb decision to take on defence, almost holding. Rioli misses sitter of a soccer shot.

12:00 Cloke soft attempt at contested chest mark in middle. Not a great sign.

13:00 Hodge ripper of a front on tackle to wrap Jolly up.

14:00 Whitecross subbed out, Savage on.

Puopolo follows it up a minute later with a dribbling effort that misses barely.

17 seconds later and he's walking. U12s shennanigans.

Whitecross carried off the ground. He's in trouble.

15:30 Luke Hodge schanks very gettable set shot.

16:19 Whitecross down. Getup mate. It's a knee.

17:00 Two quick early misses by the Hawks. Sewell the latest culprit. Hack.

Pre Game

Jordan Lewis huge last minute withdrawal for the Hawks. Slightly less huge is the late withdrawal of Jackson Paine for the Pies. Savage and Didak are the respective subs.

Prediction: Collingwood upset. Just thought about Beams, Pendles, that no.36 and Sidebum and I fel like an upset is coming.

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