AFC East Teams Boast Highest NFL Ticket Prices

And with prices still rising, you won't believe what games will cost in 20 years.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

According to Team Marketing Report's Fan Cost Index released Thursday, The New York Jets claim ownership to the highest average non-premium ticket prices in football. The J-E-T-S- JETS-JETS-JETS sport an average price of $117.94 per ticket, while their division rival Patriots came in second place — only ten cents behind — at $117.84 per ticket.

The average ticket across the entire NFL landscape is at $78.38 for 2012, up 2.5% from last year. The Giants ($111.64), Bears ($110.91) and Cowboys ($110.20) all came in behind the top two teams in the country in highest average ticket prices. The Bears had the highest jump in the league with a 9.3% increase.

At these rising costs, it makes you wonder how many fans will skip their mortgage payment for a trip to Solider Field?

These totals show us once again that baseball is the last remaining popular sport in America which is still affordable for families to attend. At the current prices, for a family to purchase 4 NFL game tickets, 2 beers, 4 hot dogs, parking, program and 2 hats would cost approximately $443.93 in 2012, up 3.9% from last year. At this current pace of increasing costs, that same family will have to pay $790.20 in 20 years to attend that same NFL game. In a report released this past spring, the Team Marketing Report said that the average cost for an MLB game in 2012 is around $26.92, only up about 1 cent from last season.

The good news is that beer only went up about 2% this year, only rising 15 cents to $7.28. In 20 years beer will most likely be about $10.28 a pop. At least you're not worried about your car payment after that purchase.

The teams with the cheapest average ticket prices for 2012 include the Browns ($54.20), Bills ($58.36) and Jaguars ($59.54)

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